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Ask Your Pharmacist First for advice. Pharmacists are professional medicines and healthcare experts and are committed to delivering a quality, accessible, personal and professional service that puts the patient first.

Pharmacists are the single most accessible part of Ireland’s primary care network, with the typical person visiting a community pharmacy 19 times a year. Confidential advice can be obtained from any pharmacist, and there is generally no lengthy wait to speak to someone about an ailment. Pharmacies have consultation areas so you can speak to your pharmacist in private.

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5 point plan to deliver better health service for customers

Open Door Policy

Increased access for patients to healthcare by utilising pharmacists earlier in the health life cycle of the patient.

Access to Chronic Disease Management

Patients to have access to professional assessment through pharmacies by monitoring of potential symptoms and identification of pre-disposure to certain illnesses.

Provision of Vaccination Service

Patients to have the choice to receive vaccines such as the flu vaccine through their local pharmacy.

Medicines Management

Patients to have access to a strategic, ongoing medicines management regime where pharmacists check for drug overlaps and monitor supply of medications provided to patient through Government Schemes.

Health Promotion

Patients to benefit from health promotion services through pharmacies including smoking cessation, weight management and diabetic and cholesterol screening to help create a healthier society overall.

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