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Private Consultation Room

We provide a consultation area, which allows us to offer a comfortable information service for you in a setting that respects your privacy. In our patient consultation area we can cater for your needs in a confidential setting should you wish to discuss any information in relation to medication, health issues or other areas personal to you and the care of your health. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Prescription Dispensing

We ensure that your medicines are dispensed accurately and efficiently every time. We take a personal interest in all our customers to ensure that you have the correct medicines at the right time at the right dosage. Please consult us if you are having any issues with your medication and we can review how these are working for you in order for your medication to work in the most effective way for you.

Advice on Prescription and OTC medicines

We provide expert advice on all prescription and over the counter medication – directions of use and any side affects that may occur. We value our customers and we can advise to your individual needs. If there is a specific over the counter medication you are looking for or if you have any queries about your medicines – ask your Pharmacist – we are happy to help. Remember we also have a private consultation room available to protect your privacy.

Repeat Prescription Service

We provide a repeat prescription service that allows you to take control of your prescription management. By using our Repeat Prescription Service we can make sure your medicine is in stock and have your medicines ready and waiting in store for you to pick-up every month. We will contact you to let you know your prescription is ready for collection – simply contact us over phone or email to cut down your waiting time.

Asthma and Inhaler Support

We provide support and advice on the correct technique for using your inhaler and reviewing your asthmas medication. Many people experience problems with their inhaler, as they do not use the inhaler effectively. Just pop in any time and we can help you get the optimum results from your inhaler.

Blister Packing Service

We can help you manage your prescriptions using our blister packing services. Our pill organiser can help you manage your medicine dosages in a convenient and safe way and ensure that you never miss a dose or for those caring for those with multiple medications that these complicated regimes can be managed effectively. We can arrange these medications in weekly or monthly blister packs and separate medications into compartments based on the day of the week and time of day these are required.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

We offer women emergency hormonal contraception (commonly known as the morning-after pill) based on a private and confidential consultation with one of our pharmacists. We will ask a few simple questions to ascertain if the medication is suitable for you and then we will provide you with this medication. A typical consultation should take no more than 10 minutes and no appointment is necessary.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is the single biggest cause of ill-health and death in our society. We can assist and advise you of the best methods for those eager to kick the habit. There are immediate and long-term benefits to giving up smoking. Take the first step and ask us for advice and support today.

First Aid Kits

Protect yourself and your family/or colleagues by making sure you have a ready supply of first aid products to hand. Injuries can happen anywhere any time. Ask your pharmacist for help putting together the best first aid kit for your needs.

At O’Keeffe’s we create our own First Aid Kits, which specifically cater for Kitchen’s, Boating and Outdoor Activities

Prescription Schemes

This scheme is aimed at those who don't have a Medical Card and normally have to pay the full cost of their medication. It also applies to those who have a GP Visit Card. Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, an individual or family in Ireland should not pay more than €144 each month for approved prescribed drugs for use by that person or his or her family in that month.

Download DPS application form.

Medical Card
A Medical Card allows you to access a range of medical services free of charge. These include GP visits, Family Doctor, community health services, dental services, prescription medicine, hospital care and a range of other. Access to a medical card is means tested and generally awarded to people with an income is below a certain level.

Prescription charges for Medical Card holders are now €2.50* per item – capped at a maximum of €25.00* per month per family. *Subject to change by the HSE.

Download Medical Card application form.

GP Visit cards
GP Visit Cards can allow individuals and families in Ireland to visit their family doctor for free. Only the cost of visits to your family doctor is free; you must pay for prescribed drugs, medicines and other health services similar to others who don’t have a Medical Card.

If you are granted a GP Visit Card you should also apply for a Drugs Payment Scheme Card if you don’t already have one.

Download GP Visit Card application form.

Long Term Illness Scheme (LTI)
If you have certain long-term illnesses or disabilities, you may apply to join the Long Term Illness Scheme and you will be supplied with a Long Term Illness book. This book allows you to get drugs, medicines, and medical and surgical appliances directly related to the treatment of your illness, free of charge. It does not depend on your income or other circumstances and is separate from the Medical Card Scheme and the GP Visit Card Scheme.

If you already have been given a Medical Card, you do not need to apply for a Long Term Illness book.

LTI scheme covers the following illnesses:

  • Acute Leukaemia
  • Mental handicap
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Mental Illness (in a person under 16)
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diabetes Insipidus
  • Muscular Dystrophies
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Parkinsonism
  • Epilepsy
  • Phenylketonuria
  • Haemophilia
  • Spina Bifida
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Conditions arising from the use of Thalidomide
  • More information on the LTI Scheme here.

To qualify for a LTI book your doctor or consultant must sign a form to confirm your condition and list the medication you require.

European Health Insurance Card
The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC allows the holder to access health care services in cases of emergency when traveling to other EU or EEA countries. Anyone who is living in Ireland or intends to live here for a year can apply for an EHIC.

Download EHIC Application form.

Prescription Levy
From 1st December 2013, Pharmacists are obliged, by law, to collect a €2.50 levy on every item dispensed on medical card prescriptions. If you or your family spend more than €25 per month on the levy, the amount exceeding €25 can be claimed back from the HSE. If you require further advice, please ask our Pharmacist.

Further information for all of these entitlements is available on the HSE website.


In addition we stock

  • La Roche-Posay
  • Vichy
  • NUXE
  • Aveeno skincare products
  • First Aid Kits – Specific to Kitchen’s, Boating and Outdoor Activities
  • Full range of dental care products
  • All OTC medicines
  • All OTC medicines

 O'Keeffe's Pharmacy offers free deliveries. Please contact the Pharmacy for more details.

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